prof. frank's lab (t3h_keem) wrote in xxradioxx,
prof. frank's lab

Wow I bought LP/JZ CD, the. its kickass. but its kind of "I've heard it before### and %?" But yeah its pretty good for 15 dollars. +hakeem__=dude htis cd doesnt deal withhh88 sex and drugs more th@n a f3w t1m3$$$$&&&&***#### dude that6s cool buttt ive g0t 0th3r things to do

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    I can not get TMBG song istambul out of my head. its a good download. so is mongoliod by devo,pusherman by mayfeild curtis, and tabacoo island by…

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    Can you feel your heartbeat racing? Can you taste the fear in her sweat? You've done this wrong It's too far gone These sheets tell of regret I…

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    Armor For Sleep- Dream to Make Believe Pearl Jam- Black Alexisonfire- Counterparts and Number Them Across Five Aprils- A Year From Now These songs…

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