if you are cool, which you are, you will go to the warped tour this year. yeah i know its a little early to be talking about it cuz its like, in july or something, but just go. this years was incredible. yeah it is still my favorite thing in life. it introduced me to a lot of new bands. bring shit loads of money cuz there's lots of stuff to buy. especially from bands. every band has a booth where you can buy shit. its pretty damn cool. and food costs a lot too. and wear comfortable shoes cuz there's really no place to sit. oh and there's long lines for the porto potties and umm lots of ppl smoking pot. which smells really really really bad btw. yeah. oh and get there early. it takes forever to get in. ew i sound like a commercial with bad grammar. bye.

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You guys should post an entry on this community, yeh fags.

so I've been listening to radiohead's OK Computer a lot lately. It's a great cd. yeah and also if you haven't added my new username you should do that.


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Yeah so some crazy obsessive man shot down/killed Darrell Abbott of Pantera?
Anyone else hear about that? I heard the guy thought that Pantera stole his lyrics or some shit like that.
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oww my hair itches

What is the up uhh playas?
No but seriously have you heard the song "encore - numb" by linkin park and jay z?
I usually don't listen to rapbut this song is the craziest Ive heard. Mm ever.
Yeah but now im going to go to school.